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You can choose from an action packed country vacation, a modern boutique hotel stay, or combine both into a holiday package for your dog.

Jaime, Age 4,
High Rise at Pleasant Park

Uberdog Ranch Map

Uberdog Ranch

65 acres of open fields, fresh air, friendly canine companions and cage-free fun and exercise.

155 North Bethesda Road, RR #1
Baltimore, ON K0K 1C0

Midtown Google Map

The Midtown

Conveniently located in central Toronto, our new, state of the art 5000 square foot facility offers the city’s most innovative and exciting selection of features and services in a sleek, modern, clean environment.

49 Research Road
Toronto, ON M4G 2G8

Dog boarding at hotel

Overnight care and fun.

(High quality products)

(Experienced staff)

(Clean environment)

(COVID safe)