Attract and Retain More Tenants Talent Guests Visitors Clients with Pets

Pet driven solutions for any business

Pet-centric thinking that makes sense

One Yellow Dog consulting services are ahead of the pack

Environment Design & Optimization

Construct the right environment for targeted users or optimize an existing one to meet today’s expectations of living with pets. 

Program Strategy & Execution

Create and launch a successful programs to welcome people with pets.

Management & Support

Maintain a high quality program and evolve with emerging trends.

Business Planning for Pet Care Providers

Discover new ways to expand pet care businesses and how to overcome day-to-day challenges.

The Right Kind of Experience

25 Years

We made our bones in the industry with a stellar track record of pet business ownership, operation, collaboration, advising and more. 

1 Million

Combined pet services we’ve delivered that puts us  in a unique category on our own for consulting pet experts.

Unleash the Growth Potential

0 %

of millenials are now pet owners, the largest group among the population.

0 +

million projected pet population in Canada by 2025

Welcome Pets Anywhere

Industry specific, results driven solutions that convert


Provide amenities useful amenities for residents and build thriving communities.


Safely board pets for commuting to and from destinations, safely and free of any complications. 

Public Sector

Provide the right policies and programs across public, mixed use, spaces that build stronger communities.


Deliver public and private pet-inclusive events that are guided by safety.


Simplify work/life balance for employees with pet care programs and friendly offices that can improve productivity.

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